You need to laugh more (Day #21)

Image credits: Chris / Lightning in North Beach (Flickr)

Today I woke up with an incredible feeling of helplessness. One of those days where you honestly feel how feeble we are. How small we are and how futile our choices are when compared to the universe’s forces.

I felt like a little raft adrift in an endless capricious ocean. It doesn’t matter what you want, what you desire, what you think. The ocean will take you somewhere else, and you are helpless to do anything about it.

The worst part of it is that I’m painfully aware of it. Aware of how futile it is to try and change something that won’t budge.

I woke up with this void in my stomach that refused to leave me. It is a very unusual feeling for me. I rarely feel helpless. I either decide to change something and take action, or I’ll let it go and wing it. Take action, and you’ll suffer. Don’t take action and you’ll suffer.

And then I found her smile.

Sometimes you find the sunshine in the most unsuspecting places. Today I went to the doctor. We greeted each other, and we had the usual chat while she checked me out. The conversation turned into a hilarious monolog, and I couldn’t hold on to my laugh anymore.

We laughed so hard she couldn’t work on me anymore. We had to take a break because we were on the verge of tears because of laughter.

“Alex, your back is perfect. You are much better now. Keep the good work” she told me.

I walked out of her office feeling like a new man. Not only I had good news about my back (yay!), but I felt so happy.

Sometimes we forget about the magical power of laughter. When we are babies we laugh all day long but somewhere along our path into adulthood, we lose that childhood wonder. We lose our ability to laugh.

I tend to be a cheerful person, but I realized today that sometimes I forget to laugh more. We need to stare into life’s face and laugh. Shit happens, things get complicated, but there is nothing that can spoil a good laugh. One that comes from deep inside, that makes your belly hurt, that makes you gasp for air.

It won’t fix the situation, it won’t make a problem disappear, but it will lift your spirit, it will make you see the bright side. Everything has a bright side; everything is subject to a different interpretation.

We can’t force the raft to land here or there. We don’t choose the shore, but we can choose how to enjoy the ride. We can either feel threatened, scared, helpless or decide to enjoy it, to smile, to surf the waves, to feel the energy, the randomness of our own existence.

Look in the mirror, smile and have a great day.

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Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (@thealeph_report), CEO at, Cofounder & associated editor @tech_eu, former editor @KernelMag.

Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (@thealeph_report), CEO at, Cofounder & associated editor @tech_eu, former editor @KernelMag.