Who are you? (Day #10)

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Who are you? I’ll tell you. We are what we write. Or that’s my thesis. During these weeks I’ve had many questions about how I manage to get my inspiration for writing.

My inspiration? It comes from you. Yes, you. I love exploring certain topics I hear during the day. I listen to my friends, or maybe a conversation I had, or maybe an article I read. Something tickles my brain, and I store it for further writing.

Writing is very special for me because it allows me to put down such thoughts. If I don’t write them down, I’ll lose them. They’ll be there somewhere, but no one will ever see them.

Maybe the big difference with this challenge is that I’m allowing myself to be completely free. I feel unrestricted. I’m not doing my writing for the crowd, for the social likes, for the sharing. I’m doing the writing for me. To express how I feel. To put my heart on paper and try to understand it a little better.

I’m not looking for link baiting, I don’t care about the views, I don’t care if it’s touching on a hot trend. Anca recently wrote a beautiful piece on being authentic, well, that’s it, I’m being me.

And the truth is that every writer infuses their writing with a bit of them. I love reading certain people because I can see their heart in their writing. Reading something is like listening to music. If you listen close enough, you can hear the real heart beating.

When I read something particularly enticing, I always think, what happened to the author? Who is she? How did she feel? It’s the magic of letting your mind create the context which is the real essence of reading and writing.

I’ll quote today’s muse (yes, she inspired me to write this piece):

“People that are afraid to write are afraid to reveal their hearts.”

And maybe she’s right. I’m a transparent person. No shadows. No hidden agendas. I like to say that I’m a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). I don’t feel ashamed to share my heart. After all, we’re all the same, aren’t we? Don’t you feel sad sometimes? Don’t you feel in love? Don’t you feel trapped? Why don’t you share how you feel?

When you write, there is such freedom. I’m putting my heart out there and, like a message in a bottle, it might be picked by another soul. What will that other soul do with it? I find it amazing.

This tiny piece of your heart will get stuck in someone’s brain. It will start permeating. It will infect the blood, and it will reach the heart. Slowly but certainly, this person will start their metamorphosis into something different. Years later this person will meet you in person, they will face you, they’ll hug you and say: “you changed my life, thank you.

Words are like tiny drops of our soul, with the right touch they can move mountains, they can heal, they can make love. Let your soul free. Pour it into words and let the world share you.

This post is part of my 30 Days Writing Challenge. If you want to check out the previous posts, here you have an index.



Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (@thealeph_report), CEO at Press42.com, Cofounder & associated editor @tech_eu, former editor @KernelMag.

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Alex Barrera

Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (@thealeph_report), CEO at Press42.com, Cofounder & associated editor @tech_eu, former editor @KernelMag.