Introducing The Aleph

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The Aleph is born out of a personal frustration with how most technology news gets reported. I love technology. I love the empowerment technological advance delivers.

Still, most of what we write about it tends to remain on the surface. We record the facts, but not the implications. We talk about immediate impact, but can’t see beyond the actual product or service.

In an ever-increasing short-sighted society, it’s important to cultivate a broader understanding. At The Aleph we’ll try to bring such perspective. We’ll strive to connect the current innovations with their impact across a broad set of industries.

We want to be a source of critical and systemic thinking about innovation. We want our readers to understand how much disruption-risk certain technologies are generating.

In the end, we want to inspire our readers to think beyond the news horizon and start thinking strategically about their future businesses.

Some analysis will touch on the immediate impact, but others will project further into the active threat in the mid and long-term for all kinds of organizations.

Why The Aleph?

“The primordial one that contains all numbers.”

It’s also the inspiration of one of the most famous short stories by José Luis Borges, El Aleph,

“He explained that an Aleph is one of the points in space that contains all other points. […]
In that single gigantic instant, I saw millions of acts both delightful and awful; not one of them occupied the same point in space, without overlapping or transparency. What my eyes beheld was simultaneous, but what I shall now write down will be successive, because language is successive.”

José Luís Borges, El Aleph, September 1945.

We drank from such inspirations to define our core values. The Aleph Report, the one point in space that tries to contain all other points; all the ramifications and implications of one concept.

Like the Aleph, we can only write about it in succession, but we’ll try to bring the systemic view to everything we cover.

Who will do it?

How often?

We will publish a weekly post with the analysis of the current news and how it affects specific industries. Some weeks we might post more than one, but we’ll keep it pretty light at the beginning. In the future, we will start releasing our reports on a daily basis to our subscribers, so stay tuned.

This is why any feedback will be more than welcome. Please don’t hesitate in sending any comments or topics you want to see covered.

How do I read you?

Want to contact us? Feel free to ping us at weekly AT thealeph com.

Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (@thealeph_report), CEO at, Cofounder & associated editor @tech_eu, former editor @KernelMag.

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