Do you believe in Serendipity? (Day #5)

Alex Barrera
2 min readDec 5, 2016
Ana and me in Riga, Latvia, November 2016

“You and I are together thanks to a miracle.”

That’s what my wife told me yesterday night. And she’s right. We were reflecting on how lucky we were to meet each other when we did.

I’ve spent 15 years with the love of my life. She’s my best friend, my confidant, someone I can count on for anything. She’s the mother of my kids and the best wife anyone could deserve.

But we built all that. It’s been hard work. It didn’t happen just because it’s how things go. That said, there was magic when we met.

Sometimes things happen because they have to happen

I won’t say there was an attraction, but there was a connection. We were both coming out from shitty personal situations, and we found each other.

I believe that things happen for a reason. But I also believe you have to be able to size thunder when it strikes. That’s exactly what we both did, even if we didn’t know what was going on.

“I didn’t want anything with you at the time.” she told me yesterday.

“And look at us now, with twins and an incredible life” I replied.

* Giggles *

Human relationships are hard. Sometimes we just make them harder by overthinking our decisions. Sometimes things happen because they have to happen, make sure you’re listening. Make sure you don’t let that bus pass you.

I guess that what I want to say today is that, these things happen. Every other relationship I’ve had in my life was “engineered.” When I met my wife, I knew this was different. I was just letting go of everything. No preconceptions, no friendship before, no baggage. Just two people reaching out to each other.

Believe in serendipity, let it touch you, let go of your ideas and enjoy the ride. Sometimes it might not have a happy ending, but that’s part of the experience. We keep trying until we get it right, right?

PS: I love you.

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