Amazon’s absolute reign is about to end

Apple vs Amazon vs Google vs Facebook stock performance

The new new Walmart game

Forbes 500 2017 List
The Aleph Report
The Aleph Report
The Aleph Report
Similar Web Analysis 2016

Meet Marc Lore

Marc Lore — Inc. Magazine

Walmart’s online strategy


Price wars & logistics

Segment targeting

Team culture

Market expansion

Walmart’s Open Innovation approach

Technology, Walmart’s pending subject

Strategy lessons from Walmart

  1. Hire visionaries and fighters. Pick someone that has the experience and the drive and let them do.
  2. Break your core values. No company can change if they keep ascribing to old, nonoperative values. Fast-moving markets and technology requires flexible and reviewed values.
  3. Don’t go head to head against someone stronger than you. Make sure you identify the weak spots and focus on them, not on the stronger side.
  4. Identify those things the competition can’t do due to their current cost structure. Exploit it.
  5. Invest in your corporate culture. If you want to compete, you need innovators. To retain talent, you need to deserve it. Poaching employees from the competition is easy when your corporate culture is better.
  6. Invest in a technology organization. This one is pretty obvious, but hard to implement. Build a powerful technology stack and use it to deploy future products. Having a “tech” department isn’t enough. The whole company has to be technology driven.
  7. Your enemy’s competitors are your friends. Find critical markets beyond your local one. Partner with the incumbent and negate those markets to your competitor.
  8. Develop an open innovation approach. Most organizations get this wrong. Open Innovation isn’t just about working with startups. It’s about building the processes that allow inside and outside innovation to cooperate and deliver future products or services.



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Alex Barrera

Alex Barrera

Chief Editor at The Aleph Report (@thealeph_report), CEO at, Cofounder & associated editor @tech_eu, former editor @KernelMag.